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The Royal Depot, built between 1904 and 1907, is a magnificent brick, natural stone, steel and glass building. It was initially intended for long-term goods storage. A railway line ran through this warehouse alongside the Brussels port, making it part of the Tour & Taxis multimodal center.

Having been restored in 2000, the Royal Depot comprises shops and offices. Many artistic events, trade fairs, music festivals and exclusive evening events have also been organized there.

As the hub of the entire Tour & Taxis site, its central location, its status as a historic building, and the facilities available make it unique.

The Royal Depot is strategically located along the canal and near the North station and the historical center of Brussels.

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What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building, fun activities, coworking spaces... 

What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building,...