In the rapidly evolving urban landscape, the intersection of mobility and sustainable energy presents both challenges and opportunities. The HUME Project, spearheaded by Flux50, is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, offering innovative solutions for integrating multimodal e-mobility with renewable energy systems. 

Our Proof of Concept and Impact: HUME is dedicated to establishing cutting-edge e-mobility hubs, seamlessly integrated with local renewable energy production and storage.  

What would we see as an “e-mobility hub” ?  An e-mobility hub is a centralized, multi-functional space integrating various electric transportation modes with advanced charging infrastructure. It facilitates efficient energy management and user interaction, serving as a nexus for renewable energy utilization and sustainable urban mobility. 

A key feature of our project is the incorporation of customer preferences into our smart algorithms. We invite our users to input their preferred charging times, which plays a crucial role in optimizing energy distribution within our microgrid. This approach not only enhances energy management and prediction but also ensures efficient energy storage. By prioritizing user engagement, we’re not just innovating; we’re personalizing the solution to align with the real-life needs of our community. 

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future: The HUME project embodies collaboration across sectors, bringing together industry leaders, research institutions, and urban communities.  Our diverse consortium includes ABB, Blue Corner, Nextensa, and more, alongside academic expertise from KULeuven and VITO. This cooperative approach ensures that our solutions are robust, scalable, and beneficial for a wide array of urban settings. 

Be Part of the Change: Your participation in the HUME Icon Project is more than just engagement; it’s a step towards building smarter, more sustainable cities. By providing your input, you’re helping to shape a future where urban mobility and energy are harmonized for the betterment of our communities. 

What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building, fun activities, coworking spaces... 

What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building,...