Maison de la Poste

Maison de la Poste bears witness to Brussels’ rethought industrial heritage. Once the post office for the multimodal transit and logistics hub that Tour & Taxis was in its industrial heyday, Maison de la Poste is now the unique space for conferences and events in Brussels. With Maison de la Poste creating an unforgettable atmosphere, events here will foster connections and inspire attendees.

Each space has been designed by renowned interior designers, including Diego Fortuna, Fleur Rossdale, and Benedetti Interieur.



Maison de la Poste began as ‘Hôtel de l’Administration,’ serving as Tour & Taxis’ administrative center for telephone and telegraph services in the early 20th century. In the 1970s, the building was used as a post office, earning the name ‘Hôtel de la Poste.’ In the 1990s, Hôtel de la Poste de la Poste even housed a popular nightclub! Since the 2000s, it has become one of Brussels’ preferred private and public events venues.

15 rooms, 2 to 700 persons

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Maison De La Poste
Rue Picard 5/7, 1000 Brussels

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Join us for Maison de la Poste’s inspiring events feature cultural performances and art exhibitions that promise to broaden horizons. We take pride in fostering growth and leaving a lasting impression on every visitor. Don’t miss out on this not-to-be-missed experience – discover Maison de la Poste’s agenda here.

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Projection Screen



Audio System


Reception Desk


Cleaning Service

Chairs And Tables

Meetingroom Setup

Notepad Pens

Tv Dvd

Optional Amenities

Video Conferencing

Video Recording

Audio System Technical Equipment

Podium Stage



Printing Copies

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FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building, fun activities, coworking spaces... 

What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building,...