Gare Maritime

Gare Maritime is a pioneering hub combining unexpected retail, work, and hang-out experiences. It is located along the canal in the progressive city district of Tour & Taxis. It is a destination where all businesses are impact-conscious. A place where innovation and artistry open up debate and action to impact society for the better and to accelerate the pace by leading the way. As the bustling heart of the Tour & Taxis neighborhood, Gare Maritime mixes and matches co-creation-based businesses, a food hall, bars, food markets, terraces and unconventional shops. This extraordinary concept is catalyzing the neighborhood. New hotspots and events are fostering a pioneering energy that got people wondering… is Gare Maritime becoming Brussels’ new prime lifestyle destination? We believe it is!

The perfect space for innovative cultural events, film or photo shoots, trade shows, fairs, product launches or promotions.



The Gare Maritime, the former Tour & Taxis freight station built in 1907, has been wholly renovated 110 years later.

The Gare Maritime is an energy-neutral building. Renewable energy is generated on site: heat and cold are produced by geothermal energy, and solar panels generate electricity. No fossil fuels are used for heating or cooling.

6000m², 10.000 persons

Picard Street 5/7/11, 1000 Brussels

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What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building, fun activities, coworking spaces... 

What exactly are you looking for ?
FOOD OR DRINKS, Team Building,...