Volvero is an app for sharing vehicles, which connects owners and drivers in a simple, reliable and innovative way.

How does it work?

  • The owner of the vehicle signs up to Volvero and lists the vehicle, its availability, and the price.
  • The driver signs up, uploads the required documentation and details, chooses the perfect vehicle for the trip and books the preferred period of use.
  • Once the owner confirms the reservation, the two parties meet, and the transaction is completed.
  • At the end of the sharing period, the driver returns the vehicle to the agreed location and completes the checkout procedure on the app.

Volvero allows several kinds of different vehicles to be shared or rented. On top of that Volvero comes with a patented AI telematics solution that based on the mobile phones’ sensors of the users, collects and analyses driving data to improve their driving habits. The app relies on a perfect mix of advanced technology like blockchain and its applications to implement smart contracts, an innovative type of contracts that self execute themselves when certain parameters are met, for tailored insurance policies and automated payments.


As they say: “We aim at creating a community feeling among the residents and visitors of the area by connecting vehicle owners and drivers and providing the most modern and efficient mobility solution. In the long run, Volvero will entail a reduction in pollution, traffic, and the need for urban spaces for parking, thus leaving more space for other facilities, helping cities become an inclusive environment focusing on the well-being of their residents and visitors. Let alone better driving behaviour as drivers’ habits are monitored by our telematics solution that incentivizes safe driving habits via in-credit rewards.”


The pilot will run in Tour & Taxis from 5 to 15 of May with the aim to test the service, collect feedback, and later come back to Brussels on a full scale.


So if you want to:

  • rent a vehicle for a weekend getaway or run the chores around the city
  • support a young innovative company in its mission of improving the mobility industry
  • Use the free parking spots reserved for Volvero users
  • Be among the first 15 drivers to get a free ride…

Visit their website to find out more and download the app!