A meeting room in Brussels: Tour & Taxis is a top destination for your delegates

By holding your event in Brussels in a meeting room at Tour & Taxis you offer your participants an unforgettable heritage experience that outstrips their expectations. Your guests can look forward to a trip to remember. At Tour & Taxis, we aim to ensure that your guests are fully immersed: intellectually, emotionally, and sensorially. We offer a holistic experience in one of our meeting rooms in Brussels. Hold a conference that inspires your participants, a seminar that promotes high-grade interaction and opens minds to explore new exciting horizons.


Imagine the arrival of your participants at your meeting room in Brussels and put yourself in their shoes…

  • For weeks you have been looking forward to this important meeting in Brussels. Especially as the venue is the superb Maison de la Poste. You are ready for an enriching experience.


  • Your favorite mode of transport will bring you to the Tour & Taxis site. Bus, metro, tram, car, bike, train… whatever you choose, you will arrive easily and without unnecessary stress.


  • You will see the transformation of what was once one of the world’s biggest goods transit hubs: Tour & Taxis is being fully redeveloped, and the newly renovated Maison de la Poste has just reopened.


  • You are immediately transported back to the past, captivated by the breathtaking architecture of the subtly renovated built heritage on the Tour & Taxis site. A mix of the old and the new, the charm and the power of history, and the adventure of the contemporary.


  • As you make your way around this urban site you start to see how it has evolved: its architecture, design, its sustainable development, and the many glocal activities it currently hosts.


  • The scale is impressive and a little surprising. You have entered a pedestrianized heritage village, with green spaces, event spaces, boutiques, offices, workshops, restaurants, and lots of activities.


  • As you walk towards Maison de la Poste, surrounded by breathtaking heritage and contemporary architecture, it strikes you how much life there is. You hope to be able to explore further after your event.


  • You’re now at the entrance of Maison de la Poste. It’s a magnificent townhouse that was once home to the first international postal service in Brussels.


  • You go through the door and find yourself in a huge hall bathed in light – a sight for sore eyes. You are warmly welcomed by one of our multilingual hosts. “Welcome to Maison de la Poste in Brussels. We are pleased to see people from all over the globe at this meeting. We hope that you will all feel right at home. Be sure to ask if you should need anything. I’m here to help you.”


  • Your meeting is starting, but you will have plenty of opportunities to look around Maison de la Poste. There is new designer furniture, vibrant colours and gorgeous interior design to admire on every floor, every room, every terrace. Eye-catching architectural elements evoke the history of the place everywhere you look. Reused elements, such as the original iron arches, the glass structures, the steel pilasters and the neoclassical ornamentation, set the tone.


  • Your meeting room is one of the most brilliant and inspiring meeting rooms in Brussels, Belgium, and beyond: here wonder reigns. Again, the old and the new go hand in hand. But everything is finished to the very highest professional standards, and the technology is cutting-edge.


  • Break time is an opportunity to work on your network over a bite to eat. From bottled water via a delicious dish to coffee: our menu is brimming with local, natural, and fair trade products.


  • And don’t forget the folks back home. Send them a free postcard that exudes history, sent through the first international postal service in Brussels.


  • At Maison de la Poste, no one just comes in, attends their meeting and then leaves. It’s hard to resist the temptation to explore the entire Tour & Taxis site, all the event venues and all the activities held in the Entrepôt Royal and the Gare Maritime – your meeting program may even reserve some time to roam.


  • You have already forgotten how things go at other meeting venues: our exceptional Tour & Taxis site has captured your heart.


  • You’ve never quite had such a unique experience; Maison de la Poste is truly an immersive experience: You feel at home. You interact. You feel connected. You feel inspired. Welcome to the most exceptional meeting rooms in Brussels.

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