Tour & Taxis is committed to sustainable development at all levels. We work hard to ensure our actions are sustainable and local, with the goal of inspiring change in Brussels.
All activities on our site not only maintain but enhance the industrial heritage of Tour & Taxis, in order to ensure this project will endure for many generations to come.
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Commitment to Sustainability

We aim for sustainable products, sustainable materials and fair operations at all levels. 
We are proud to share our story with you and show how our commitment, along with our partners, to our projects leads to excellent results. 

Commitment to Sustainability content

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Sustainable renovation and energy efficiency

We use sustainable construction methods and materials used on our sites, including photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, side and roof glazing, geothermal energy, natural ventilation and recycled materials, etc. At the same time, we make every effort to reduce our energy consumption.

Tour & taxis sustainability - circular economy

Promoting a circular economy at Tour & Taxis and beyond

Organic coffee grounds from cafés and events at Tour & Taxis are recovered by the social cooperative PermaFungi, which uses them to grow oyster mushrooms by transforming the grounds into natural fertilizer. This happens right under your feet, in our cellars! And the caterers at Tour & Taxis are glad to bring these delicious dishes to your plate.

Sustainable, fair trade coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages at events, so we know ours better be delicious and ethical! Our coffee comes from bio, fair and direct trade farms in Colombia. It is imported and roasted by Café Velvet, located in Brussels. And the leftovers from each delicious brew are used, in turn, by PermaFungi to grow their mushrooms.

Sustainable catering

Caterers for all events at Tour & Taxis sign our sustainable commitment agreement. This commitment covers several areas: a respect for the environment, social legislation, the wellbeing of staff, strict hygiene, and high quality foods produced as locally as possible.

Mindful water consumption at all events

Water provided during events is collected in Wallonia and distributed by Vivaqua, then delivered to Tour & Taxis straight from the tap! Officially controlled according to very strict specifications, it is then filtered and bottled by us, for you to drink!

Sustainable tableware

No plastic cups or paper plates here! Our tableware is durable and reusable. What’s more, the line of Serax tableware we use is produced in Belgium by the renowned architect Vincent Van Duysen, and our plates are designed by the Antwerp-based designer Ann Demeulemeester.

Generous, cookies

The generous:'Our cookies are being conditioned by the association «Travie», which contributes to the insertion of disabled people by offering them a useful employment. That way, about a dozen people are daily dedicated to the packaging of our products. Moreover, our company tries to fight food waste by giving the broken or imperfect cookies to local associations. The broken speculoos are renewed by numerous gastronomic partnerships.'

A proud recipient of the Green Key eco-label

For several years now, our event venues have been awarded a Green Key certification. This international eco-label is awarded to around 3,100 event and tourism establishments in 66 countries. The award takes into account environmental management, including waste, water, energy, green spaces, food, environmental education, and mobility. We’re very proud to meet their stringent criteria!

Organic, seasonal produce that respects farmers

Thanks to the organic market Be-Here, which is just a few steps away from Tour & Taxis, we source certified organic produce that is locally produced. This is part of our effort to promote sustainable relationships with producers and cooperatives who, in turn, are fairly compensated.

On our way to Zero Waste

We’ve adapted our ways of working at all levels to prioritise sustainable development. We consider the usefulness of objects, the mode of transport, the choice of materials, reusability, the commitment to sustainability of event organisers, and more. We are exploring new ways to recycle materials used throughout our multi-functional site, and always promote the use of items that can be reused, repaired and recycled.


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