At the start of the year, working at Maison de la Poste gives you an extra shot of inspiration. Two fabulous solo exhibitions are currently running on our first and second floor. Until Wednesday 23 March you are welcome to come and admire the work of Ivan Popovic and Jupp Linssen every weekday from 8:30 to 17:30. We love their work, so we’re delighted to present it to you.

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Exhibition on +1: Ivan Popovic

Give your time and full attention to the works of Ivan Popovic (1950) and they will begin to reveal their layers and meanings. Pause in front of these miraculous examples of serene harmony and let your thoughts run free – even just for a few moments. Time stands still, only wonder remains. At Maison de la Poste, Popovic mainly exhibits work from his Flower Series: deep blue canvasses that get straight to the heart of the matter, without extraneous elements.

Exhibition on +2: Jupp Linssen

The tactile compositions of Jupp Linssen (1957) are based on simple objects and disposable materials. He works with zinc, wood and paper on canvas with oil paint, adding other materials. This creates a sense of layers that – like the materials he uses – contributes to the meaning of his works. Paper is thin and fragile. While zinc is particularly rigid. Within these contrasts, Linssen goes in search of a balance between form, matter and composition.

With thanks to the curator

The curator is art expert Luc Theuwis. Through ARTandADVICE he advises people and companies that wish to surround themselves with high-quality art by a wide selection of artists. As a bridge between the art world and art lovers, he selects work based on authenticity, layering and inspiration.

Practical info

Maison de la Poste
Rue Picard/Picardstraat 7 
1000 Brussels 
Open Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30
Parking Rue Picard/Picardstraat 13 (Parking Park Lane)

You can visit the expo for free until 23 March 2022

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